A powerful voice for change

We believe words have power. The power to change a family, a community, or just one person’s life. And we want to use those words to make our community – and the world – a better place. At P&G, we’re committed to using public relations for good and helping nonprofits, government agencies, associations and small businesses make a difference.

Who we are

Piper & Gold Public Relations is a team of PR stars in REO Town, Lansing. The full team supports each project and client as deemed appropriate by the team leaders, and we work with a talented network of small businesses and vendors to provide the best solutions and ideas to our clients and community.

Meet our team

What we do

From focus groups to communications plans, we ensure our clients have a solid strategy and foundation to keep communications tactics focused on goals and ROI. Strategy and planning, social and digital media management, media relations and community relations are what we do best. We pride ourselves on helping identify and facilitate partnerships and opportunities that lead to a big impact for our clients.

Our bread and butter

What we say

Line drawings of women's faces sit in front of a dark yellow background. Various shapes in red, pink and purple are mixed throughout.

Each year around the winter holiday season, instead of spending money on client gifts, P&G donates to a nonprofit or series of nonprofits representing a cause about...

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On a dark green background, text reads Piper and Gold. Behind the text there are abstract illustrations of women.

Each year, in lieu of holiday gifts, the team at P&G selects a nonprofit and makes a donation in our clients’ name.

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