Our bread and butter...

What we do

Strategy and planning

From focus groups to communications plans, we ensure our clients have a solid strategy and foundation to keep communications tactics focused on goals and ROI. We work with each client to identify target audiences and appropriate measurable objectives, as well as build out additional needed plans such as crisis communications plans and social media strategies. 

Media relations

Research from Nielsen shows editorial content such as newspaper articles to be one of the most trusted forms of outreach, with 61 percent of North American audiences stating they "trust completely" or "trust somewhat," 48 percent of European audiences and 58 percent of global audiences. Media relations can expose an organization to new audiences, keep it top-of-mind with its target audiences and serve as a third-party validation while answering questions, and our team uses the top tools and techniques to build meaningful media relationships that result in exposure and opportunities for our clients. 

Social and digital media

Whether it's building social media pages and profiles or connecting with bloggers, we focus on ensuring the tactics are in line with solid strategies and are directly contributing to the communications goals. With that focus in place, digital media can be a powerful tool to help build relationships and conversations with an organization's audiences. 


Writers see the world differently, and we see writing differently. We know words have power, and we have an arsenal of writing tools at our disposal to help educate, inform and change minds. From op-eds to white papers, features to creative copy, we tackle each writing project with one goal in mind – what is the most important thing we want people to walk away remembering?

Visual storytelling

The ability to tell our stories visually to engage and connect with audiences is now a must for PR. We pair images with our words to draw people in and create the emotional connections that will truly help an organization's key messages to resonate and stick. 

Community relations and grassroots advocacy

We pride ourselves on helping identify and facilitate partnerships and opportunities that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients. We start by exploring existing relationships, building grassroots lists and setting clear goals and expectations to ensure partners are informed and engaged, and ultimately transforming them into advocates for our clients' and their brands.