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Kate Snyder, APR


ring: 517-214-8621

mail: kate@piperandgold.com


Kate Snyder focuses her head and heart on creating communication that makes our world better for everyone. She is dedicated to uplifting women in business, she’s a passionate advocate for the arts, and she makes it her mission to ensure those blocked from the microphone have a partner in fighting their way to the stand.

Kate is a savvy PR practitioner and veteran strategist who inspires and empowers her clients to connect with their audiences and customers in new, dynamic ways.

She writes and speaks about working with government, nonprofits and businesses to be more conscious of their messages, build valuable relationships, and always – ALWAYS – focus on how their efforts connect to their strategic goals and purpose.  

Kate has built an award-winning business committed to doing big work in a small community, and her extensive PR expertise and passion will motivate you to do the same. She believes in the power of stories to help her clients move their audiences to action. Yes, even government agencies can tell stories. And they should.

Kate is tapped to speak at conferences around the country on the importance of strategy in social media, building community relations programs and delivering media relations with a customer service attitude.  Kate takes community service seriously, lending her time, talent and treasure to the Impression 5 Science Center and Wharton Center for the Performing Arts, among others. 

Kate earned a master’s degree in integrated marketing and communications and a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities. (Her mom is freakishly proud of the latter even though no one really understands what it is.) She’s paid it forward by teaching public relations at Michigan State University and several other institutions. 

Kate is a proud Disneyphile, an unabashed musical theater geek and professional caller-of-bullshit. She’s at her best under a deadline or in front of a crowd – two things that make mere mortals quake.

She’s a resident of #lovelansing, where she shares her home with her lumberjack husband and their precocious, stylish child.


  • Named CMPRSA’s 2019 PACE Maker of the Year, recognizing her significant contributions to the profession
  • Leading P&G team to more than 100 local, regional and national communications awards, including Hermes Creative Awards for the launch of Impression 5’s dynamic FLOW exhibit, a Scary Mommy editorial challenging legislators to protect the adoption tax credit and the Michigan Public Health Institute’s strategic communications plan, as well as for P&G’s own internal promotions work
  • Recognized by the Michigan Small Business Development Center as a Best Small Business, one of only a dozen recognized out of nearly 6,000 statewide.
  • Helping the Impression 5 Science Center reinvent its message and voice, shifting focus from exhibits and programs to spotlighting its unique ability to help children keep their sense of wonder.
  • Conducting a massive undertaking not unlike herding cats. Led and developed the award-winning public feedback process for Shaping the Avenue, an immense initiative covering an 8.5-mile stretch of the region’s key corridor. Compiled input from five municipal partners, dozens of community stakeholders and hundreds of engaged citizens to help redesign the buildings, land use and movement of vehicles along this vital route.