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Movin’ out: Your questions answered

Sep 12, 2018

As our low-key move announcement has gained traction, we have had more and more questions filtering in. Why are you moving? Where to? Is your old space available? 

We decided to compile our answers below as we prepare for our *big* move to REO Town.    


The Very Official P&G Frequently Asked Questions   


How long have you been in the space? 

For more than four years now! We came out of a business incubator and it’s been a great space since then.   

Where are you going? 

We’re tripling our office space and moving into another shared space in the Krentel Building in REO Town. Read about it here. We’re really excited to have more space to better serve our clients and our team. 

Where is your current space located? 

Our space is located at 313 ½ Cesar E. Chavez Avenue in Lansing’s Old Town.   

Is your current office available? 

Our hot pink downstairs space has been rented, but our upstairs private office and nook are currently available.  

What is the square footage of the upstairs office? 

The space is 100 square feet, has a built-in desk and shelving unit and is a closed-door office. 

Is the lease in a walkable area? 

Yes! Our team loves to go on walks for brain breaks and often walks the vicinity of Old Town. 

How much is rent? 

It is $275 per month for the upstairs office.    

Where do your clients go when they come in for meetings? 

The lease includes sharing the conference room upstairs, where we normally host clients. We also use it for our weekly team meetings.   

Is Wi-Fi available? 

Internet service is available to the building through Comcast, ACD.net and Lightspeed.   

Do you have a kitchen? 

The upstairs office has access to a shared kitchenette.    

Do you have your office cleaned? 

We do. We hire Peckham’s cleaning crew to come in once a week after hours. The building owners at the Michigan Historical Preservation Network upstairs take care of the shared spaces.   

Do you have trash and recycling? 

City of Lansing and Granger both provide trash and recycling services to the address.   

How is the natural light/is there any? 

It’s great! We get a generous amount of natural light in the private office upstairs especially.   

Is the space pet-friendly? 

Yes! It is pet-friendly.   

Go-to lunch spots? 

We love all of the local joints in Old Town but Pablo’s has a special place in our hearts! We also recommend trying Punk Taco, Sir Pizza and Cosmo’s to start. There are also a number of places the provide delivery including Jimmy Johns.   

How many people fit comfortably in the space? 

The upstairs office is meant as a solo office, but we’ve had meetings or two people working in the space at the same time just fine. The conference room can comfortably seat 12 to 14 people. 

Is parking available on-site? 

Free parking is available for up to two hours in the City of Lansing parking lot across the street. Paid parking permits are available for employees. Metered parking is available along Cesar E. Chavez Avenue. Limited street parking is available within walking distance in the neighborhoods.  

Do you have a question that was unanswered here? Email me at claire@piperandgold.com and I will get back to you with an answer!