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Setting intentions to help our souls flourish

Jan 29, 2021

At the beginning of January, we shared on P&G’s social media channels the importance of setting realistic resolutions and intentions for ourselves this year. Unrealistic expectations and overhaul resolutions aren't sustainable after the year (and the start to 2021) we've had. We’ve been focusing on being kind to ourselves and setting sustainable intentions instead of radical resolutions. We especially <3 this New York Post article about ideas to keep 2021 realistic and sane, and this video from behavioral health counselor Dr. David Johnson about why choosing a New Year's intention is better than a resolution.

We’ve spent the past few weeks reflecting on 2020 and looking forward to what 2021 may bring — both in our WFH lives and regular home lives. Our intentions are personal, sustainable ways to be deliberate about how we spend our time and energy. While they may be individualized and have specific, meaningful places in our hearts, each of our intentions have a few things in common: kindness to ourselves and others, taking time for things that feed our souls and discovering new ways to stretch and grow.

“My intention for this year is to suspend judgment of myself and really learn from my mistakes.” — Alina Freeman, assistant strategist

“This year, a priority of mine is to be content with where I am and celebrate the little victories. Growth is rarely linear and fast-paced.” — Caroline Johnson, content strategist

“My intention for this year is to focus on the journey rather than the destination. Looking at the process and the experience.” — Cassie Cotton, senior strategist

“My intention for this year is to find quiet moments of rest throughout my day to breathe, recenter, and let my brain and heart be still.” — Emma Heikkinen, assistant strategist

“I intend to prioritize my mental and physical health in my daily life.” — Hadley Kerr, assistant strategist

“My intention for this year is to put my fear of failure on hold to allow more time for creativity.” — Hilary Edwards, creative strategist

“I intend to set boundaries for work and school, so I can prioritize being more present in my life.” — Julia Curtis, student strategist

“My intention is to work on giving up control and disassembling my own unnecessary lack of trust so I can build confidence in others and empower them.” — Kate Snyder, principal strategist and founder

“My intention is to continually push myself toward thoughtful growth by exploring new ideas and techniques while developing skills outside of my expertise and comfort zone.” — Lisa Assenmacher, creative strategist

“My intention for this year is to really WOW our clients with innovative strategy and relationship building; to not only create award-winning work, but deepen our relationships to foster growth through trust.” — Malorie Zimmerman, senior communications strategist

“My intention is to eat more vegetables.” — Tess Francke, communications strategist

“My intention is to make time for things that feed my soul, and explore new hobbies and interests.” — Zoe Howard, creative strategist

What are your 2021 intentions? Share them with us on our social media channels so we can cheer each other on! We could all use some extra support and encouragement this year. <3


Emma Selby

Emma Selby is a multifaceted writer, designer, event planner and communicator who always strives to create something meaningful. As a Communications Specialist at Piper & Gold Public Relations and in-house communications assistant at Capital Area Michigan Works!, Emma helps make connections and shine a light on people who are doing good in our community.

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