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This spring, grow more than flowers

Mar 28, 2019

Spring naturally makes us think about growth.  

It’s a word I use often, but I was curious about its exact definition. When I typed “growth” into the Google search bar, it said growth is the process of increasing in amount, value or importance. 

We humans love to see things grow: our plants, our hair, our bank accounts. 

So, with this new season upon us, it’s important to step back and think about what the mindset of growth really entails and what exactly we should focus on increasing in amount, value and importance. 

Growing ourselves. 

Personal growth is an area we all can and should be striving for, no matter the season. Personal growth is a lifelong process, but it’s also something that happens every day even though you may not notice it in the moment. It’s cool to look back four years ago and see how much I have personally grown throughout my time in college. Or to look back 11 months ago to when I first started working at P&G and see all the new skills and experience I’ve gained. This agency is a grower of students (shout out to at all the successful P&G alum for evidence of that!). It takes us in, gives us hands-on opportunities and then delivers us into the real world with a ”do no harm, but take no shit” mentality.  

Growing our team. 

Here at P&G, we are constantly pushing for growth within all aspects of our company’s culture. Not only is our team increasing in size this spring with the addition of a new creative strategist and new student strategist, but we try to always focus on growing the value and importance of our actions and mindset. One way we have started doing this is by engaging in intentional lunchtime team meetings so we are all eating in community and growing those relational bonds with each other. What is your team doing to challenge itself? To grow its experiences, perspectives and fulfillment? 

Growing our community. 

This can mean lots of things, from growing the resources and activities in our city and growing the different types of people we choose to hang out with, to growing the mentalities and views of people that are around us. P&G is intentionally using this new season to create and present our attitudes about the world around us and the work we do, hoping it will inspire and connect us to new people and new ideas. Pay attention to our blog and social media throughout April for our takes on growth and what it means for people, communities and self. 

So, in the spirit of spring, as you take in the growing plants and the growing amount of sunshine, let it motivate you to do the same.   

Claire Barkholz 

Assistant Strategist