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An update on Piper & Gold operations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 19, 2020

Earlier this week, we asked for your grace as we started to do what we can to help in the only ways we know how: by communicating. 

As we begin to do so, we wanted to give an update on what the team at Piper & Gold is doing at this moment in time to #flattenthecurve:

  • We shifted all scheduled meetings to virtual to limit face-to-face contact and do OUR part in social distancing. In addition to our conference lines and Google Hangouts, we've invested in a Zoom subscription to make this easier for all of us. Whenever possible, we are encouraging Hangouts or Zoom, because we anticipate having the chance to SEE one another will become increasingly important in the coming weeks.
  • To honor Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun's requests, as of Friday, March 13, all P&G employees started working remotely indefinitely.
  • All P&G business-related travel has been suspended. We are requesting a self-quarantine for any employees who have traveled internationally after March 1 or domestically after March 8 until they are cleared by a county or district health department or a primary care physician.
  • As always, we are encouraging any employees who feel even the slightest tickle in the back of their throats to stay far, far away from other people and contact their doctors. We have always maintained a vigilant paid sick time policy and we will continue to do so even in a remote environment.

We are also working with our clients to limit face-to-face media interviews and instead use digital technologies to allow them to share their expertise with media and audiences without compromising on social distancing best practices.

We know it's not enough, but we’ve seen and heard the experts and we’re committed to being a part of the solution. 

So follow along on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and here on the blog for resources and recommendations to try to help our clients, communities, friends and family through these strange and confusing times.

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