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A note from our founder as we find our new normal

Mar 16, 2020

It's hard to know where to start...

As we come through the haze of unprecedented communications needs in a time of fear, uncertainty, grief, stress and more, I wanted to take a few moments to share with you a bit about what comes next for P&G.

Last week, you may not have heard or seen much from us. Like the rest of our communications peers, we reacted with and for clients and worked to support our clients and others as much as possible in making heartbreaking decisions, protecting the most vulnerable and challenging ourselves to be better humans.

This week, we're committed to shifting into a weird mix of survival mode and innovation: How do we help people to keep their employees, customers, clients, patients and people safe? How do we help those clients facing financial hardships to recover? How do we help insulate them from the coming economic fallout? How do we help them do business and serve people differently and innovatively? How do we transform how we work with and for people to help them?

I promised to our clients last week we're committed to helping them make it through all of this okay, and to also push ourselves and them to innovate and continue to fulfil their missions.

And with that in mind, we are committed to our mission of making an impact by sharing the tools, resources, information and counsel we're gathering for our clients with our communities and those most vulnerable.

We originally considered going fully dark on social media out of respect and to focus on clients (and our own mental health), but we have so many things we CAN share, and so, while we may not always do it perfectly, we ask for your grace as we do what we can to help in the only ways we know how.

We'll communicate. 

We'll share. We'll promote important, positive, helpful things. We'll educate. We'll spread our values to make an impact.

We hear you. We see you. We support you.

We know it's not enough, but we will still try, and we see you trying too.

Thank you.