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Thriving together: Celebrating the growth of P&G

Sep 26, 2023

Over the past year, Piper & Gold has been on an incredible journey of growth and transformation. I am thrilled to announce a series of promotions that stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and relentless hard work of our remarkable team.

Earlier this month, we celebrated the promotion of Lisa Assenmacher to the pivotal role of chief operating officer (COO), finalizing the composition of our new executive team, which includes myself as president and Kate Snyder as CEO. These strategic leadership changes underscore our ongoing evolution as we passionately pursue excellence in serving our valued clients and the communities we serve. Furthermore, I am delighted to share additional role adjustments within our team that embody our steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding services and honoring the individual achievements of our staff.  


Kristin Nill, media relations manager

Kristin Nill is our newly promoted media relations manager, a role she has earned through her outstanding performance as P&G’s media relations specialist over the past two years. During this time, she has consistently secured numerous media placements for clients in various industries, spanning a wide array of stories, from company acquisitions to client events. 

In her expanded role, Kristin will take the helm of our agency’s media relations initiatives. Her new responsibilities include overseeing and guiding our talented media team, assuming a leadership role with media clients and projects, and streamlining processes to enhance media outcomes for our clients. Kristin will also play a pivotal role in nurturing the media relations professional development of our team, particularly in navigating the ever-evolving media landscape, all while maintaining a strong commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. 


Rachel Dauer, communications specialist and emerging talent manager

Rachel Dauer joined Piper & Gold in December 2022 as our communications specialist, excelling at creating engaging communication materials that highlight the exceptional work our clients do. In her brief tenure at P&G, Rachel's leadership and unwavering growth mindset have paved the way for significant advancements, both internally within our agency and in her client-focused work, culminating in her recent promotion to communications specialist and emerging talent manager.

In the next evolution of her role, she has assumed supervisory responsibilities and oversight of Piper & Gold’s prestigious internship program, including recruiting, building our talent pipeline, hiring, training and mentoring. 

Additionally, Rachel’s client engagement continues to grow. As part of her expanded portfolio, she will provide increased oversight for client accounts, offering valuable insights and strategic direction to help them achieve their communication objectives. This showcases Rachel's adaptability, dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional results for both our agency and our clients.


Kathryn O’Connor, digital content specialist

Finally, we’re excited to share Kathryn O’Connor’s (fondly known as Kat to many of us) promotion to the role of digital content specialist. Kat’s journey with us began when she joined our team as a student coordinator in January 2022, and her contributions have consistently proven to be invaluable. Since December, she has been our full-time communications coordinator, where she played a pivotal role supporting our clients through content creation, strategy development and copywriting.

In her new position, Kat’s responsibilities will expand across a multitude of our client teams, where she will be instrumental in creating, curating and optimizing content in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Her primary focus will be on ensuring our clients’ content strategically aligns with their values and effectively engages their target audiences. Kat will foster strategic relationships and stay well-informed about the latest digital trends to help bolster our digital initiatives. Additionally, she will be at the forefront of identifying captivating storytelling opportunities, contributing to thought leadership pieces, and assisting with media relations, including outreach and event coordination. Kat’s dedication and expertise will undoubtedly be instrumental in driving success for both our team and the clients we serve. 


As we stand on the threshold of an exciting future for Piper & Gold, I want to express my immense pride in the remarkable growth we've experienced, both in our team's exceptional individuals and throughout the agency as a whole. These three well-deserved promotions not only celebrate the outstanding achievements of Kristin, Rachel and Kat but also symbolize the profound transformation underway at Piper & Gold.

Our journey has been driven by the extraordinary talent, unwavering dedication, and boundless passion exhibited by not only these three professionals but by every member of our team. Their promotions exemplify our steadfast commitment to nurturing talent within our organization and our dedication to delivering unparalleled services to our clients.

As these accomplished individuals actively contribute to our agency's growth, my confidence in our future soars to new heights. I envision a future filled with even greater success, groundbreaking innovation, and elevated client satisfaction. Join me in extending my heartfelt congratulations to Kristin, Rachel, Kat and all our dedicated employees.

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