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There’s nothing kinder than service to others

May 10, 2023

It’s National Volunteer Month, and we’re taking the opportunity to showcase the ways our team members serve others. Whether it’s the broader community or in our own circles, we believe there’s nothing kinder than giving back. To wrap up the month, we asked our team members how they spread kindness to others. 

Many of us volunteer with local organizations we’re passionate about — and since we are a hybrid team, P&G’s impact is nationwide! 

In Nebraska, Kathryn volunteers for Heartland Family Services, which specializes in supporting families and keeping them together when they're in unique, troubling or challenging situations. “I've done everything from helping educate local high schoolers to fundraising and hands-on volunteering at trauma-informed care shelters, events and community centers. Since even the smallest things are very impactful, I love contributing any way I can,” Kathryn shared.

Lauren, who lives in North Carolina, recently started volunteering for Carolina Breast Friends, an organization that provides support, resources, mentoring, education and more to people affected by breast cancer. She has volunteered at the Pink House, a respite center for survivors, helping prepare, serve and clean up after dinner for survivors who were there for a meeting and sound bath healing session. ”I loved it so much. They were so welcoming and kind and even invited me to join their sound bath,” Lauren said. “Sometimes people hide their diagnosis from their loved ones, and this community really uplifts those affected and provides encouragement during a time that is extremely taxing and overwhelming, reminding them that this isn't a journey they have to go through alone.”


As an all-female team, of course our staff loves empowering the next generation of strong women. Cassie and Hilary have both spent time volunteering for Girls on the Run, an organization that aims to help girls develop into confident, healthy, well-rounded people equipped with the tools they need to succeed in all areas of life. 

“While volunteering with GOTR, I know I have made an impact on the people I’ve served, but I have also learned so much about myself, and that has made me a better person in return,” Cassie shared. 

Hilary added, “I just really like kids, and I think the feeling is mutual. As an assistant coach for GOTR, I loved being a bright spot in a kid’s day if maybe they didn’t have one otherwise.”


The love for helping kids in need is a common thread on our leadership team. Malorie said, “I spent all of my 20s volunteering with Make-A-Wish as a wish granter for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and at Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House, which is now the largest House in the world. I still keep in touch with some of my wish families and was able to also do wish granting while I volunteered at the House at the same time.”


Sometimes, the best part of giving back is who you’re doing it with. 

“I used to have family in Chicago, so every time my family would visit we'd visit the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago and donate toys to the families and children staying there, especially during the holidays,” Olivia said. “I always loved being able to spend time with my family dedicating our time to others.” 

As a member of her sorority, Kendall volunteers for the Women’s Center of Tarrant County, an organization in Fort Worth, Texas, that supports survivors of domestic abuse and assault. 

“My sisters and I package underwear to go in bags for survivors when they get to the hospital and spend time at the center filing paperwork,” she shared. “These seem like small tasks, but they make a world of difference to the survivors the Women’s Center serves. It’s fun spending time with friends while knowing that we’re doing something meaningful.”


Many of our team members use their PR prowess to give back. Clare gives her time to Senior Adults for Greater Education (SAGE), a nonprofit in Newtown, Pennsylvania, that fosters intergenerational relationships by bringing people from older generations into elementary schools to work as teachers’ assistants and help with classroom tasks, by working on their newsletter and PR. 

“I love seeing quotes from teachers, SAGE volunteers and children in the classrooms,” Clare said. “The teachers talk about how helpful the volunteers are, the volunteers talk about their meaningful relationships with the children/teachers, and the children talk about how much they love their SAGE volunteer. It's very rewarding.” 

Shannon donates her time to creating professional resumes for job seekers in an online job seeker group, as well as to friends and family in need of the same.


While using our work skills to help nonprofits can be fun, it can be draining not knowing how to separate work from our passions. 

“I sometimes struggle to separate work volunteering from personal volunteering,” Kate said. “I'd love to do more personal volunteering with things I'm passionate about like gardening, but at the same time I do really enjoy getting to give PR counsel and perspectives with the organizations I serve.” 

Kate sits on the board of Impression 5 Science Center, supports the Wharton Center for Performing Arts and volunteers with Montessori Children's House of Lansing and Ronald McDonald House Charities Mid Michigan.


Even when our team members may not have time to dedicate to volunteering, they still spread kindness in big ways. 

“A few ways I’ve been trying to incorporate more kindness and appreciation into my life are intentionally saying thanks and giving when I can,” Cassie said. “Whether it’s writing a positive Google or Facebook review about a product or service I enjoyed or writing a thank-you note to my child’s daycare provider, intentionally thanking people can be a powerful way to show your gratitude. I also buy small gifts when I’m thinking of others or if something reminds me of someone. I don’t wait for a birthday or holiday; I just give them a little something to brighten their day.”

Kristin and Shannon shared that a lot of their goodwill goes toward going out of their way to brighten someone's day. For Kristin, that looks like paying for someone's coffee, smiling at someone, or giving them a compliment. Shannon makes a specific effort to spread love to retail workers and medical personnel, who have taken the brunt of negative energy during the past few years.

When asked what kindness means to her, Rachel said, “For me, a big portion of kindness is tied to empathy and respect. We all have days when we’re in a negative mood, but it's important to remember the people you are interacting with are normally not the cause of your frustrations, so it's not fair to take it out on them.”

Rachel said another thing she’s trying to be better at is assuming positive intent. “Kindness becomes much easier to show when you assume the people you are interacting with have a positive intent behind their actions.”


We believe the kindness you show others will come back to you big time! Whether it’s volunteering, donating, or just smiling at a stranger, we hope our team gave you ideas about how to spread kindness every day.

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