My risk-aversion is no secret. I like to play it safe, and I can be <gasp> resistant to change. I don’t love it about myself, and I try to be mindful of it to keep it from paralyzing me

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Leadership Lansing

Last week, I graduated. There was a commencement speaker and celebration lunch. There were -- sadly -- no caps to toss.

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Are you in?

Apr 19, 2017

Lansing Promise

When the opportunity came to work with the Lansing Promise, we didn’t hide our squeals of delight for getting the chance to help demonstrate the impact of this powerhouse of a nonprofit.

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Every time you open an email or log onto a social networking site, it may seem that there is always a new event.

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It’s National Volunteer Month, and we’re taking the opportunity to showcase the ways our team members serve others. Whether it’s the broader community or in our own circles, we believe there’s nothing kinder than giving back.

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Written by Kate Snyder, APR and Kendall McCarthy


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A sense of community is something that I have always been fond of. Caring for others and working together is a positive trait; whether that be personal or part of a company’s vision.

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Fucking say thank you

Dec 5, 2016

Thank you

Yup. That’s an F bomb.

An F bomb encouraging people to be polite.

At P&G, we believe manners matter. A lot. They make for a happy workplace, connected clients and strong community relationships.

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Cultural understanding; it’s important

Growing up in a small town not too far from Lansing, some might wonder how I ever came to be homesick my freshman year at Michigan State University. But everything about the culture was different.

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