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18 Strange and Productive Work From Home Tips

Jul 25, 2019

Let's be honest: Sometimes getting ready and going to work is the absolute last thing we want to do, and we can admit it's #GoodToBeHome. But who said you can't be productive at home in your pajamas? OK, a lot of people, maybe. 

Because P&G is a mostly open office, distractions in the form of awesome conversations, ridiculous #OfficeQuotes and necessary speakerphone conference calls can quickly distract from the task at hand. It’s the price we pay for our open, collaborative environment. Most of the time, we make it work to our advantage, but sometimes, we all need a little space or peace and quiet. Nothing wrong with that! 

So, what does working from home look like for the lovely weirdos at P&G? Take a peek into some of our strangest habits — and productive — habits … 

Cassie Cotton, Associate Strategist
“I verbally narrate my day as I go, starting my day with a cup of Joe, often using questionable vocabulary and/or accents.”
Productive: “I set timers to interact with my dogs. They can be a distraction if I don't give them attention, so I take 15-minute breaks to go for a walk or play fetch. It helps refresh my mind, but also provides a little TLC to my fur children.”

Kate Snyder, Principal Strategist
“I watch terrible reality television in the background. Like ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ terrible.” 
Productive: “Sitting on my back porch and listening to the birds, or sitting on my couch playing Celtic music (instead of watching terrible reality TV). Either way: Setting my phone somewhere I'm not.”

Zoe Howard, Assistant Creative Strategist
“Having at least three drinks in arm’s reach simultaneously — coffee, Bubly and water.”
Productive: “Having comedy or true crime podcasts playing in the background to keep me company, or sitting in my room where the cats can’t climb all over my laptop.” 

Hilary Edwards, Creative Strategist
“True crime podcasts or TV shows blasting in the background. Nothing like a little serial killer action to really get me inspired.”
Productive: “I get ready for the day. I like to get dressed, do my hair and makeup even if I know I'm not leaving; otherwise, my brain is in nap-time mode all day long.” 

Shannon Janczewski, Executive Assistant
“I can concentrate on work-work better if I have the washing machine, dishwasher or Roomba running in the background. 
Productive: “I use a block timer that goes off every 25 minutes. It's an easy reminder to get up and move, but also a great way to time-block tasks.”

Caroline Johnson, Student Strategist
“99% of the time I'll have a face mask on, and I will never sit in a normal chair. If I'm at home, I'll sit on my bed, my $9 St. Vincent’s velour chair or my couch.”
Productive: “When it's after 10 p.m., I put my phone in another room and put my computer notifications on do not disturb.” 

Hadley Kerr, Student Strategist
“I have about 100 to-do lists going on in as many different formats as possible. I can be obsessive about checking items off and simply can't get prioritized until I have some sort of to-do list.” 
Productive: “I don't touch my phone. I have a setting where I can turn off certain apps that I know will distract me.” 

Robin Miner-Swartz, Editor
“I say good morning to Alexa and have a series of conversations, routines and tasks I go through with her before I start working, including playing J6!, the daily ’Jeopardy!’ quiz.”
Productive: “I use the Pomodoro Technique when I really need to focus. I set the tomato timer and turn off notifications on everything so I can really dig into whatever needs to be done.”

My “strangest” is I have a favorite work-from-home outfit — my well-worn purple velour bathrobe. Judge away! My productive habit is, when the weather allows, I pick up and move all my things to my back patio to take advantage of the abundant oxygen.

(This all has me wondering: Should I wear the infamous bathrobe to work to see if it improves my focus?) 

What are your work from home quirks? 

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