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Do good work and work to do good

Dec 11, 2023

This year, our work has been more than just business as usual. Amid the whirlwind of graphics, social media strategies, press releases and communication plans, a powerful theme has emerged: it’s not just about doing good work; it’s about working to do good. As we approach the holiday season, we’ve reflected on our team's and clients’ unwavering commitment to supporting our community, promoting equity and breaking down barriers. It's the perfect moment to pause, be present, and celebrate the significant contributions we've made together.

Earlier this year, we supported Lansing Area Economic Partnership (LEAP) with the seventh cohort of One and All, an eight-week program for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our involvement went beyond delivering services; it was about celebrating a phenomenal group of small business owners through webinar-based learning, networking, mentorship, business coaching and engagement with subject matter experts.

Similarly, our collaboration with the Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) and the Ingham Opioid Awareness & Prevention Initiative echoed our commitment to purposeful communication. Through surveys and focus groups, we delved into how ICHD could effectively educate those impacted by substance use on harm reduction practices.

We don't just wear the hat of communicators; we see ourselves as change catalysts. Positive transformation demands a proactive approach. By fostering an atmosphere where every voice is heard and valued, we contribute to a broader movement toward a more just and equitable society.

This year, our commitment to empowering communities reached new heights with the launch of Amp Coworking, a space that provides equitable opportunities to underrepresented business owners and remote workers. We can’t wait to share more about their impactful work in 2024.

Our partnership with the Michigan Center for Youth Justice (MCYJ) — and their dedication to reshaping the juvenile justice system — resulted in the successful passage of the Justice for Kids and Communities bill package in both chambers of the Michigan legislature. While there is still work to be done and one bill is still awaiting approval, this accomplishment exemplifies the power of collective action and the impact dedicated individuals and organizations can have on creating positive societal change.

In a world where the line between success and impact is often blurred, Piper & Gold stands committed to a higher purpose that extends far beyond the boundaries of our (virtual) office. We are particularly inspired by clients who share our vision of cultivating the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) and the American College Application Campaign (ACAC) has equipped education leaders with the tools and resources to encourage students to pursue higher education. Through our partnerships, we have witnessed the passion and commitment of administrators, educators, parents and students who are actively shaping the future.

As we look back on the year, our celebration extends beyond business accomplishments; it's a tribute to our exceptional clients. We are grateful they are part of our business and integral contributors to a movement that prioritizes kindness, education and impactful change. 

At Piper & Gold, doing good work isn't just a task; it's a commitment to creating a more compassionate world. Here's to a shared promise to make a positive impact in 2024 and beyond. Cheers to a holiday season filled with joy, purpose and meaningful connections!


Cassie Cotton

Cassie is an expert project manager with a futuristic mindset, and she’s at her best when she’s had two cups of coffee and is working to solve complex problems with creative solutions.

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