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It's not about what you say; it's about what you do

May 10, 2017

Anyone can talk the talk. And anyone can say she has the best team, the best culture, the best approach and the best strategies – because, why wouldn’t you? In a field of type A’s, we live and breathe organization and striving for perfection, and this is by no means a bad thing. But, one thing I learned in my year here at Piper & Gold (and being a big-picture person) is that following through with the little tactics, matters a lot to clients.

With most of us being big picture people, sometimes those little tasks could be easily forgotten in our busy schedules.

Last week, our Principal Strategist Kate said she wants to leave two concepts with others — to feel empowered and to take ownership. I believe that through our ability to execute tactics everyday and take ownership that this leaves us feeling empowered.

In December, I attended and worked CATA’s Shaping the Avenue event at Fieldhouse in East Lansing. As the presentation was ramping up, I noticed people still had their plates and were trying to figure out where to put them. Did I know? Nope. But I noticed an opportunity to take ownership of the situation and make the event go smoother for our client, simply by grabbing plates and taking care of them.

As an agency, we also believe that showing up and pitching in is just a part of the strategy and planning of an event, not an added bonus. Alyssa and I both attended Bradford Academy’s backyard Olympics in August and had a blast working the bounce house, filling in for volunteers and making sure the clowns (yes, clowns!) had enough water for face painting. The follow-through and execution matters to us, because we know it matters to our clients.

Can you have an event without ice, snacks and refreshments? Sure. But without our dedication to thinking through every strategic piece of an event or project plan, people would just be showing up to a meeting. Details matter and Piper & Gold acknowledges that every single day.

Kate recently wrote a blog post about how we are more than just nice, that we are smart too. But I believe we are both. Because smiling, showing up to an event and engaging in our clients’ mission and goal, proves that we Walk the talk. #Truth

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