Illustrated map with pinpoint on Lansing. Text says #lovelansing.

Several months ago as quarantine measures were in full force, P&G founder Kate Snyder was passing some time filling out a “hometown” questionnaire on Instagram. ...

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Behind the 517

May 30, 2019

517 Area Code

My oldest son is 3½ years old, so I hear “but whyyyyyy…?” a lot. (A LOT.)  It doesn’t faze me much, honestly. Partly, because it’s just another developmental stage, and mostly because he comes by it honestly. I also ask this question. A lot.

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Last month, we started something new at P&G: Selecting a monthly theme for our social media and our blog.

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Stories through events

Aug 16, 2017

In public relations, hosting an event isn’t about the food or signs or décor or even the program itself. It’s about sharing the story behind the event through a common experience. with all those attending – including the media.

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